2Night with 2Gyrlz - October 2011

2 Gyrlz Performative Arts is an all artist-run presenting group co-founded/directed by Lisa Newman and Llewyn Máire as an expansion of the “two girls review” legacy created by artist/author, Lidia Yuknavitch in the mid-1990s. Originally based in Portland, Oregon - 2 Gyrlz has recently relocated to Manchester, UK where our goal is to forge alliances with regional artists and presenters while acting as a conduit for US-based and international artists to show work in the UK.


We invite both our artists and audiences to exonerate the dangerous and border crashing elements of art while continuing to challenge and embrace the foundations; where art is created free of hierarchy and the limits of genre and media.


Each artist created a 2-part performance, with one part happening each of the two evenings. 


Artists: Mark Greenwood, Nick Kilby & Holly Johnson, Luci Fiction, Liz Clarke, Soriah, Samantha Sweeting & Lyn Lu.