D R A W N:

is a week long exhibition of durational performance art examining place & identity. The program couples 6 international artists with 6 hyper-local materials (Stone, Water, Salt, Wood, Blood & Earth), across 6 venues in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. Located at the shore of the English Channel & mouth of the Channel tunnel; DRAWN invites audiences (local & International) to consider how we relate to one another - across difference & beyond borders - through the environments we inhabit. Each artist will explore their given material for 6 hours each day, for 6 days (Tuesday 4th of October - Sunday 9th of October).


H o w   d o e s   o n e   b e l o n g   t o   a   p l a c e ?

H o w   m u c h   o f   s e l f   i s   b o u n d   u p   i n   o t h e r ?

W h e r e   a r e   t h e   l i n e s   d r a w n ?


D R A W N is a physical & emotional exploration of the surpluses and deficits we encounter when considering identity & place. An exercise in how we locate ourselves; physically, geographically & emotionally. 


This exhibition seeks to problematize identity in relation to geo-specificity by employing materials that are both site specific & universal. Working with local & international artists, DRAWN explicitly questions how bodies lay claim to objects & zones as elements within the construction of identity by collapsing dialectic relationships such as here/there, self/other, now/then, object/relation.



A R T I S T S:

Charlotte Law

Vela Oma

Dani d’Emilia

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro

Keijaun Thomas

Poppy Jackson

D A T E:

Tuesday 4th of October - Sunday 9th of October 2016

T I M E:

Midday to 6pm daily - Closing party: Sunday the 9th @ 6:30pm 

Oct 4th - 9th 2016