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On the 4th and 5th of February 2011, ]performancespace[ opened its doors for the first time and in collaboration with ArtEvict, drew the attention of the UK’s art scene to the exciting talent that is performance action, now.

2 nights, 21 Artists, from 11 countries + a brilliant audience of 300 
=]ps[ +++ArtEvict

Artists: Johannes Blomqvis, Nathalie Bikoro, Earnst Fischer, Victoria Gray, The Greestone Group,Mark Greenwood, Jamie Lewis Hadley, Helena Hamilton,  Stephanie Hurst, Htein Lin, Scarlet Lassoff, Maria dos Milagres, Hugh O'Donnell, Roberto Sanchez-Camus, Nathan Walker, Group Actionwith Bean, Jenna Finch, Jamie Lewis Hadley, Kiki Taira, Lyn Lu, Benjamin Sebastian and Stephanie Hurst.