[neighbourHOOD] November - December 2011


[neighbourHOOD] was a 10 day residency followed by public performance and exhibition. 

[neighbourHOOD] explored how performance practices can be seen as a translation of social and economic states through dialogues between the body and architecture, artist and community. 

The location of the project in Hackney Wick was both a physical site and a point of departure, as both place and artistic discipline are considered fringe. This coupling of the transitional work sites of Olympic space(s) with the live presentation of ephemeral actions constructs a narrative of liminality. 

[neighbourHOOD] explored place as beyond land and structures to encompass the daily actions and life that embody and create community. Considering the artist’s body as an extension of this or foreign object; participants became migrant workers forging temporary relationships through the personification of architecture and questioning of labour, and performance as a transformative act.


Artists -  Benjamin Sebastian, Tine Voeks, Maria Lucia, Isik met Knutsdotter, Liam Yeates and Kimbal Bumbstead. 


PAS (Performance Art Studies) - This project was devised in collaboration with Marcel Sparman of PAS

CAUCASO FACTORY - Enrico masi of CAUCASO FACTORY worked alongside us to document the programme of events, screened The Golden Temple and lead a tour of the area. 


Marco Berardi - Worked one-to-one with the artists to develop performance for camera work.


The programme included visits, lectures, tours and dinner discussion: Keith Kahn, Mike Wells, Sara Ibanaz O’Donnell, Petra Hevelska, Poppy Jackson,  Hillary Powell, Chris Lloyd, Andreas Lang, Nico Wheadon