]ps[ Occupations




 The occupations are PAF's residency element. Throughout 2014 and 2015 ]ps[ will host a duo of creatives as artists in residence. Each duo will be in residence for a period of 3 months. Each Occupation will culminate with a 1-2 week programme of exhibition and/or events (end of November 2014 & March 2015). In addition, each Occupation will include a digital residency via tumblr. The ]ps[ occupations are curated & take place in September through November 2014 (Jade Montserrat & Fabiola Paz) & January through March 2015 (Maria José Arjona & Arianna Ferrari).  


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Sept-Nov 2014 

Occupation 1: Jade Montserrat & Fabiola Paz

Jan-March 2015 

Occupation 2: Arianna Ferrari & Maria José Arjona

Fabiola Paz

Fabiola’s art practice is about the political power of a body in transition, it’s an inquiry into the scars of displacement. This practice is intrinsically autobiographical formulating a highly diverse and very organic methodology; ranging in media from drawing, to object making, and video to performance. Her work has also been presented at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow’s Tramway and FIX07 in Belfast, as well as AMA festival in Majorca (Spain) and Rifrazioni in Anzio (Italy).

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