]open s p a c e [

Gareth Cutter

April 2019

As a D.I.Y space we are firm believers in the profound potential of co-operation. We want to continue to make space for those that need it. As such, within PAUSE & AFFECT we are running ]open s p a c e [ 


]open s p a c e [ is an opportunity for emergent artists to test concepts and bring new ideas to life.  

]open s p a c e [ will run three times throughout PAUSE & AFFECT; December 2018, February 2019 & April 2019.

Previous ]open s p a c e [ artists from PAUSE & AFFECT:

Émilie-Christine P. Newman

Gemma Jones


Gareth Cutter

"I make queer work: work about penetrability and the cis-male body; the in-between space occupied by the HIV ‘undetectable’ body (neither well or unwell in the conventional sense); and the queerness of the voice, immaterial yet of the body. My practice spans live performance, writing, music, movement and curation. Sometimes I combine these individual art forms into multi-disciplinary performances." Image Credit:

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