This Months Lab Participants:

1. Katy Baird



2. Robin Bale



3. Nicola Woodham



4. Alicia Radage



5. Saba Zavarei



6. Shaida Asadi



7. Polly Welsby



8. Paul Hughes



9. Christiana Kazakou



10. Ria Hartley



11. Vaida Tamoseviciute


12. Daina Pupkeviciute




prAxis is a live & web based (twitter & tumblr) research laboratory at the intersections of visual-performance, critical research & political action. It is an open call, sign-up event facilitating artists to incorporate critical theory into their practice, a space to do theory, while exploring the body as a site of political agency.


Across 12 hours (midday to midnight), from one hour to the next participants alternate between textual research & practical experiment. In co-operation with the Live Art Development Agency, all research material will be curated by the ]ps[ Occupation artists from LADA's Study Room Archive.


Participants will work in two separate groups, each alternating between the practical space and resource room. All participants are encourage to actively engage with the ]ps[ twitter account and prAxis tumblr, sharing research findings and documentation. At hourly transitions each party will leave texts and practical traces for the following group, allowing a window of observation and interaction between the two.


The event is open to anyone (10 places available each event), October 2014 & January 2015 on Saturdays between midday & midnight.