Self-organising Space (SOS) - AUTONOMy:
SOS is an open platform insisting upon cooperation in order to obtain the most beneficial outcome for all. The platform is a sign-up event designed to afford artists (at EVERY stage of their practice) the opportunity to enact agency over the display of their work, while learning to navigate group dynamics in an exhibition context. The event is open to anyone (10 spaces per event) & takes place twice a year (December 2014 & May 2015) on Saturdays between 4-11pm.
Here’s how it works:
1 - Each SOS consists of ten, sign-up slots (as with all open platforms these go FAST, so keep your eyes open for the call outs).
2 - The event takes place from 4pm until 11pm. We encourage durational work to be programmed in the first half of the evening and shorter works in the later.
3 - Confirmed participants will commit to a two week email dialogue with each other, prior to the SOS, in order to collectively shape each SOS format.
4 - ]ps[ will supply basic tech (mic, speaker and projector) all other tech requirements are the responsibility of the participant.
3 - Participants will arrive two hours prior to each event to finalise installations and preparation.
4 - Doors open to a live audience: 7pm SHARP.
Remember, SOS does what it says on the tin. These sessions are self organising. Participants are responsible for the delivery of each event, working collectively, taking responsibility for themselves and each other.