(States of) Wake: Dedications 

Diana Damian Martin


to become awake, to arise,

is a composite of Old English, wacu,

related to watching, and Old Norse,

vaka, meaning vigil, relating to wakefulness;

wake is a track left by a moving ship,

wake is holding a vigil.  

(States of) Wake is a writing project by Diana Damian Martin that takes the form of dedications, as moments of critical attention. 


These brief, critical reflections emerge from encounters with performances in the festival. Diana is joined by writers Jennie Klein and Madeleine Hodge. 


(States of) Wake explores the multiple kinds of attention that might be elicited by, or probed performance, and takes its cue from the multiple histories entwined in ‘wake’. The dedication might be understood in multiple ways: the devoting, or setting aside of something for something else; a particular kind of commitment; an inscription or announcement; a ceremony of opening or compleion; and a ritual of devotion.  


(States of) Wake is about ‘what could be thought about something, once it swims into the stream of attention’ (Susan Sontag) 


Anyone can submit a dedication, either online (link provided below), or in person at the festival hub.

Submit your dedication

Diana Damian Martin is a performance writer, critic and researcher. 

She is co-founder of the Department of Feminist Conversations with Mary Paterson and Maddy Costa, with whom she also co-edits Something Other, member of Generative Constraints Committee and Lecturer in Performance Arts at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

Jennie Klein teaches art history at Ohio University. She writes on performance, feminist art, and contemporary global art. She is presently working on a book about the work of Marilyn Arsem, to be co-edited with Natalie Loveless. She has blogged at several performance festivals including National Review of Live Art, Future of the Imagination, and Rapid Pulse.


Madeleine Hodge is an artist and producer whose work spans art, collectivism and thinking about public space. She is currently completing an MRes in Curatorial / Knowledge at Goldsmith’s, and her research revolves around temporality, economies and the toxic sovereignties of colonisation. She has worked as a festival writer in residence for Spill Festival and writes for Real Time and Un Magazine. In 2016 she participated as a writer in Leisa Sheltons Scribe Project at Spill. As an artist she worked with Panther for 8 years and she is co-founder of the research team In Common, a founding member of Field Theory and a band member of Mimic Mass a multi vocal sound art experiment for voice and technology.   

As the festival launches on Friday a live blog of produced texts can be found HERE.