Tactile Noise  May 7th, 10am – 7pm

workshop on low-tech touch-reactive synthesizers.

In this workshop participants built a small noise machine able to produce a variety unexpected tones and textures, depending on the position, humidity and pressure of the fingers touching the instrument's contact-points.

By the end of the workshop, participants took home an instrument guaranteed to put and end to the peace of canine, feline and human cohabitants, and a basic knowledge of electronics and circuit building.

All ages and levels of experience were welcomed.

About the workshop leader:




André Castro (b.1983) is a sound artist from Lisbon, graduated in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, where he studied, among others, with Salomé Voegelin, John Dack, Thor Magnusson and Martin Robinson. He started his artistic education in 2001 in the areas of contemporary dance and performance arts at the performative arts centre c.e.m-centro em movimento (Lisbon); since then he has been a regular collaborator of this space.