Residency 4

May/June 2019

The Residents

Each residency affords a curated duo of artists a 4 week residency at ]ps[ in Folkestone. 


The residencies focus on the potentials of co-operationdifferenceinfluence & collectivity; whilst granting the resources to slow down, recalibrate & begin to shape what comes next. 


Check the calendar & sign up to the ]ps[ mailing list for updates on residency events & activity. 

Residency 1

November 2018

Residency 2

January/February 2019

Residency 3

March 2019

Residency 4

May/June 2019

Residency 5

June 2019

June 2019

Gabriele Longega

Since 2014 Gabriele is a core member of the team of Venice International Performance Art Week, where they performed with La Pocha Nostra and Martin O' Brien, among working with other international artists. In 2017 they co-curated a column in Artribune, an Italian art magazine, with the goal of introducing and researching other Italian visual and performance artists working with queer and feminist issues.

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