Residency 4

May/June 2019

The Residents

Each residency affords a curated duo of artists a 4 week residency at ]ps[ in Folkestone. 


The residencies focus on the potentials of co-operationdifferenceinfluence & collectivity; whilst granting the resources to slow down, recalibrate & begin to shape what comes next. 


Check the calendar & sign up to the ]ps[ mailing list for updates on residency events & activity. 

Residency 1

November 2018

Residency 2

January/February 2019

Residency 3

March 2019

Residency 4

May/June 2019

Residency 5

June 2019

June 2019

Rubiane Maia

She is interested in residues at odds with the image or the action from which they originate, and in the relentless attempt to reach the unreachable, inevitably exposing the temporary trail of the unfinished. More recently, she has been studying the processes of telekinesis, the interdependency between bodies, objects and natural forces, and the silent resilience meeting the countless micro-revolutions of the everyday.

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