Residency 4

May/June 2019

The Residents

Each residency affords a curated duo of artists a 4 week residency at ]ps[ in Folkestone. 


The residencies focus on the potentials of co-operationdifferenceinfluence & collectivity; whilst granting the resources to slow down, recalibrate & begin to shape what comes next. 


Check the calendar & sign up to the ]ps[ mailing list for updates on residency events & activity. 

Residency 1

November 2018

Residency 2

January/February 2019

Residency 3

March 2019

Residency 4

May/June 2019

Residency 5

June 2019

June 2019

Ria Hartley, Recall, SPILL Festival  of Performance 2015, produced by Pacitti Company. Photo by Guid

As an artist I predominately work with autobiography as a way of exploring aspects of the human experience and how my own experiences translate and transform when shared with an audience. My practice overall is a contextual life enquiry – I am interested in my embodiment of liminality and intersecting identities and how these can be activated as a political site of radical agency, action, healing, empowerment and possibility.

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