The Vigils

The Vigils are about holding space to think, reflect and act. A series of four performance events giving platform to the urgent thematics of Black, Rites, Earth and Sex. Events will take place from 7-10pm on the advertised date with a gathering to unpack the work the following day (times to be announced closer to each event). 


Sat 24th of June


Sat 29th July


Sat 26th August


Sat 28th October

Ilya Noé

Ilya Noé is a former gymnast turned visual/performance artist-researcher, dissertation sufferer, compulsive walker, eager collaborator, sporadic teacher, occasional curator, and enthusiast of trees, fungi, deer, weeds, interintraspecies per-formations and co-becomings, mutualistic processes, declarations of interintradependence, taoist dialectics, slow research, messy theory, emergent practices,situated and partial knowledges, palimpsestuous realities and intellectual promiscuity...