Performance & Live Art at the Edge(s)

10am - 1pm


On the 10th of September ]performance s p a c e [ will host a public brunch. Departing from Folkstone Triennial's theme of Double Edge – ]performance s p a c e [, the Live Art Development Agency, Folkestone Fringe & their invited guests will imagine and discuss creative practice on or at the edge – by reflecting on the live programes of both ]ps[/WAKE Festival and Folkestone Fringe/Push and Pull.

Contributors and audience will be asked to re-imagine the limits of identity, question on which side of borders they find themselves and explore the roguishness of creative practices that expand beyond the boundaries of discipline, ideology and institution.

Invited Speakers:

Lois Keidan  – Live Art Development Agency

Diane Dever – Folkestone Fringe/Push and Pull

Sheaf+Barley – Push and Pull 

Madeleine Hodge – Push and Pull 

Jacob Bray – Push and Pull 

Bean & Benjamin – ]performance s p a c e [/WAKE Festival

Esther Neff – Wake Festival 

Emilio Rojas – Wake Festival 

Local Foreigner - Wake Festival 



10am arrival for tea and coffee

10:30am opening intervention

11am discussion begins


Please join us and add your voice to the chorus.