WA K E Festival

W A K E Festival is a three day festival of contemporary time-based/performance art in Folkestone (Kent), UK.

The festival consists of site specific, durational works which unfold in and around Folkestone, across the 8th, 9th & 10th of September. In addition to the site based works, each evening (7pm-10pm) a more condense series of performances take place at ]performance s p a c e [. 


Fri 8th - Sun 10th September

Friday Evening:

Fri 8th September

Saturday Evening:

Sat 9th September

Sunday Evening:

Sun 10th September

Fausto Gracia

Performance art is for me a way to have a more realistictouch to everyday life and actions that are outside the structures of conventional life. One line of research of my projects has been the violence as a generator of encounters and focus areas. I believe the practice of art has the ability to deconstruct situations hegemonic realities in different ways, I think that art in itself, aware and responsible, is a tool for social and cultural action on the current discourse.